Links to bands, zines, friends and record labels:
Descendents/ALL (O&O Records)
The greatest band(s) to come out of punk rock, the label they run, their recording studio and their friends.
The Crowd
The original, seminal surf punk band from Huntington Beach, California.
Original, bizarre and punker than 99% of the scene -- Tongue is a real hardcore punk band with a style all their own.
Dead Lazlo's Place
Check out the best band from the Valley.
The Dictators
Seminal punk rock from NYC, starting in the mid-70s and greater than ever.
A great old punk band from Long Beach. They are screwy and wonderful.
Betty Blowtorch
Out of the ashes of Butt Trumpet, plus ex-members of Bobsled and Tongue comes this all female rockin' band.
Liz Tongue
Liz sings in Tongue, but what she loves most is to paint, draw, design and make weird dolls. Here is one of the best artists in LA -- and my dear friend.
Cynthia is a writer, designer and artist, her site and ezine rock!
John Bergstrom/Attack Cartoons
John quite simply draws the best political attack cartoons I have ever seen. Funny as hell.
Black Devil
Shit ShitEd Likes
Thomas Sowell
I almost worship this guy. They don't come any smarter than Tom.
Waco: the rules of engagement
Gun Owners of America
So what's your problem with guns, wuss? The uncompromising alternative to the sellouts in the NRA.
Jury Rights
The courts are out of control, and only a few realize it...
Lysander Spooner
One of the great philosophers of the 19th century. The father of American Anarchism.
Citizens of America
Wolfe's Lodge